The Two Crowns, Silver and Gold

Year 1160: Spring 3

Official Scout Training

Scout Field Training Exercise

Scout Squad Five, commanded by Dina, heads out on a three day field training exercise to the lands surrounding Saint Louren to learn to survive out in the wild as a team.

On their first day/night out, they are taught how to build a shelter, how to start a fire, and how to keep watch. Bundt and Landon still do not work as teammates, but Bundt is determined to become his friend. He learns that Landon’s mother used to cook a Sweet Seed Stew for him all the time and heads off to harvest some missing ingredients. He successfully makes the Sweet Seed Stew almost to Landon’s mother’s standards, and Landon actually sheds a tear while eating it in remembrance of her. The second and third days/nights are spent honing the same survival skills except now Dina has incorporated Scouting skills into their training. After their field training is over, they pack everything back up and head to Saint Louren Guard Post. Dina finds a mission order from Gwendolyn the Matriarch herself. She consults with Captain Toryan to get approval for her tenderpaws in Scout Squad Five to go. He approves on the condition that he acts as Captain on this mission.

First Mission Orders from Gwendolyn at Lockhaven

Gwendolyn’s first mission order for Scout Squad Five is to travel to Copperwood Outpost northeast of Copperwood. There have been no reports in 3 days from the guard post and rumors of an attack by weasel raiders. The squad is to bring back any survivors that they find for questioning and to avoid detection if weasels should still be in that area.

Scout Squad Five traveled three days to Copperwood Outpost and had a few obstacles due to rain and winds. Nearing dusk on the third day, they made camp in a copse of bushes in order to scout a good view of the guard post from a distance. The three tenderpaws kept guard that night with Dina starting the first shift though. During Darow’s watch, he thought he heard a slithering noise and woke up Toryan. They both inspect outside the copse but find nothing.

Bundt began his watch after and accidentally wakes Landon too early because he heard a crunching noise. Both wander off to investigate. As they scout in the bush across from their previous position, they are attacked by a Silk Spider. Landon cuts one of its legs off during the battle. The Silk Spider is injured and decides to escape as two mice are too much for it to handle; it abandons its current web. At sunrise, Dina tracked them down and scolded them for wandering off without notifying her. She advised them to get back to their position, tend to their wounds, and pack up camp as they will be heading towards Copperwood Outpost soon.



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