The Two Crowns, Silver and Gold

Year 1160: Spring 4

Outside Copperwood Northeast Outpost

First Mission: Find Any Survivors at Copperwood Outpost

Scout Squad Five starts their next day scouting the outside of Copperwood Outpost. Captain Toryan thinks it may have been deserted for several days; no sounds or signs of life. With Dina in the lead, the team takes the path leading to the back of the outpost. She explains that there is a secret rear entrance that she discovered while serving here in her earlier days in The Guard.

The squad reaches the hidden entrance and finds out that the locking mechanism is rusted and has not been used for several seasons. Using his mechanical ingenuity, Darow tries to get the mechanism to unlock but is unsuccessful. Bundt has a great idea and smothers berry juice over the inside. Darow tries to unlock it again and is able to trigger the secret entrance to open.

Each of the team members takes their respectful scouting positions, and Dina peeks inside the entrance. She notices no sign of any mice or other living beings at this time. Next, she leads them to the Armory to investigate there. The Armory has no windows, so they must stealthily head to the front entrance. As they reach the door, the squad is hit by an awful dead and musky smell emanating from within. Once the door is pushed open, they see a pair of dead silver-stripe weasels in heavy armor heaped on the floor. Bundt takes a look at the armor and discovers a detailed insignia—an ouroboros around a spider web with a shiny orb in the center. Captain Toryan picks a rolled parchment off one of the weasels. He translates the orders: Destroy the outpost and find the orb at all costs.

Bundt, Landon, and Dina inspect the Barracks next while Darow and Captain Toryan finish checking the Armory. The three mice find another dead silver-stripe weasel within the Barracks, but no living enemies. However, they are appalled to find several of the Guardmice slain in their beds. Neither tenderpaw can stand to see dead mice or the decaying smell; they leave the Barracks to get sick. Dina finishes the inspection and figures out that the outpost was raided at night.

Finally, the whole team meets up in the training yard in the center of Copperwood Outpost and moves to inspect the Mess Hall. Inside the main seating area, they find no mice or dead weasels. Upon entering the kitchen, a macabre scene frightens and disgusts them all. On the dish preparation table, the master chef mouse was carved up and made into the main dish on a silver platter. In the huge baking oven, there are charred bits of clothing, a few crispy limbs sticking out, and a terrible burnt stench permeating the kitchen. It’s as if the poor baker mouse had been shoved recklessly into the oven and baked at the hottest temperature. All five mice, especially Bundt, are severely affected by this and leave the Mess Hall.

Outside the hall, the leaders try to formulate a plan but can only resort to having the tenderpaws look for survivors and useful items. Bundt and Darow decide to take a look in the high watchtower and climb the ladder up. At the top, they find a peculiar mouse holding a wooden staff staring back at them.

A strange, young mouse named Morwyn…

Morwyn is a light grey mouse with a strange black birthmark on his right eye. He looks about the same age as the tenderpaws but seems very strange. Bundt and Darow introduce themselves. The rest of the team meets them at the top of the watchtower. The lone survivor warns them all of a great beast that prowls at nightfall. He also persuades them to gather any necessary supplies and make shelter up here tonight. The tenderpaws set off mid to late afternoon to complete their tasks while the leaders speak with Morwyn alone.

Captain Toryan and Dina listen to the strange mouse’s tale and learn that he has been on a mission the last year in search for the lost Serpent Stone. He has currently been at Copperwood Outpost for two days after the weasel raid. Meanwhile, the tenderpaws work together to find some edible foods and useful gear in order to survive the night. Darow devises a rope pulley to make hauling the heavy load up the watchtower easier. By the time they finish, they make dinner enough for all and make preparations in case they’re attacked. Shortly after nightfall, Scout Squad Five and the lone survivor hear a slight slithering sound. Morwyn quietly warns of The Great Cyprus the Copperhead but also tells them not to worry and winks his eye.

The copperhead decides to make his grand appearance later in the night to see how many tasty morsels are now in the watchtower. As he peeks his scaly head in, Scout Squad Five stands with weapons at the ready, but Morwyn blasts him with a telekinetic light spell and knocks him clear back. Blinded and confused, the snake slithers back off to whatever hole he came from.

The next morning, all mice are present and accounted for albeit somewhat perturbed about the events that occurred the previous night. Bundt makes a berry jam and gabcroon breakfast for everyone. After they eat, Morwyn explains that he was sent here by his Uncle Tellus because he believes the ancient orb is here. Scout Squad Five with the lone survivor in tow start seeking for the Serpent Stone in Copperwood Outpost.



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