The Two Crowns, Silver and Gold

Year 1160: Summer 1

A mysterious legend lost to time..

Destination Lockhaven:

Confused and slightly nauseated, the members of Scout Squad Five along with Morwyn now stand outside the gate entrance to the city of Lockhaven, home and headquarters of The Mouse Guard. The tenderpaws, Bundt, Darow, and Landon, stare in amazement at the city’s high, ivy-covered, stone walls; this is the first time that they’ve ever seen Lockhaven in person. Patrol Leader Dina and Morwyn immediately head to the grated gate and hail the gate’s guard to grant them passage. They are met by an armored mouse sentry who recognizes both of them and signals to the other mice within to open the gate. The mice hear a metallic grinding noise as the heavy iron gate starts to ascend, and all are ushered into the gatehouse. Dina hands one of the messenger guards a rolled and sealed parchment, which contains her mission report, and asks that he immediately delivers it to Gwendolyn the Matriarch of The Mouse Guard.

In the small, squat room of the gatehouse, the tenderpaws gawk at the few gate guards in their heavy shining armor and tall copper shields in paw. In Saint Louren, the Guard Post isn’t as heavily guarded nor do the guards there have such armor or shields to protect them. Morwyn grins and tells them that he will have to give them a tour another time, but they must head to the High Council of Mystics to present the Serpent Stone and their findings to his Uncle Tellus. All five mice exit the gatehouse and enter into the main hallway of Lockhaven.

Traversing their way through the main hallway to the uncle’s Library Study, the tenderpaws have their breath taken away by the great detail and intricate designs on many of the woven tapestries that line the hall. A few large ones depict an army of mice and an army of weasels fighting on a snowy winter landscape, and the young mice know from their history lessons that these represent the events of Winter War of 1149. Other artwork pieces on the walls display the fallen heroes of The Mouse Guard to honor and memorialize their sacrifices. Many of the living Guard mice also pass them along the way. Longing for Guard cloaks of their own, the tenderpaws regard them with reverence and talk about the many different cloak colors that portray each Mouse’s personality or spirit. They also make subtle hints to Dina at which color would best suit each of them once they are initiated as Guard mice.

Morwyn and the members of Scout Squad Five finally make it to the Library Study after a few more turns and straightaways. The entrance is tucked into a stone alcove off of the main hallway. Its two arched doors are made of a dark-brown oak wood and are adorned with many mystical symbols and lettering. Morwyn whispers a few syllables of words and they open on their own. From the outside, it looks somewhat small, but that is far from the truth once they step foot inside. Almost every wall in the Library Study is covered in bookshelves filled with a variety of books except for a third of the back wall which is taken up by the open fireplace that’s carved directly into the stone. Near the fireplace, they find an elderly grey mouse relaxing with an open book on a cushioned wooden chair, which looks as if it were chopped from a small tree with branches that just happened to grow themselves into the shape of a sitting chair. The old-fur mouse puts down his book, greets the newcomers, and introduces himself as Tellus the Wise.

Once the introductions are complete, Tellus orders one of his young mouse attendants to bring refreshments from Lockhaven’s kitchen for the weary travelers. The old-fur gestures for all the other mice to take a seat around the fireplace and implores them to tell the details of this last mission. After all the mice are seated, the attendant comes back with a serving tray full of freshly baked gabcroons drizzled with sweet honey, which came straight from Lockhaven’s honeycombs. There’s also a kitchen servant following close behind with a set of cups and a clay pitcher filled with cool cider. As he notices the refreshments, Bundt’s eyes grow big in anticipation and a little drool can be seen sliding down the side of his furry cheek. The servants hand each mouse a gabcroon and a cup of cider then they leave the Library Study. Dina begins her reporting while the tenderpaws eagerly eat. Tellus listens to every word and says nothing yet. As usual, Bundt is the first mouse done with his food and drink. He then licks each finger on his paws and starts to pick the scraps out from his fur as the others eat. After a while, the attendant comes back to gather the kitchen trays and cups and to clean up.

Ever curious, Tellus the Wise takes Morwyn’s staff which now holds the Serpent Stone in its apex. The orb remains inactive while the old-fur carefully examines it. Remembering the Mystic Scroll tucked into his belt pouch that he found from the stone’s pedestal beneath the Copperwood Outpost Armory, Morwyn hands this to his uncle with hopes that he will be able to decipher the ancient text without much trouble. Tellus squints at each glyph on the scroll and thinks that it may be written in the language of The Lost Ones. However, he informs them that it has been a long time since he has seen anything written in this language and will not be able to translate it without the codex book which is somewhere in this library. The old-fur describes what the cover looks like and tasks Morwyn and the three tenderpaws with locating the codex as he finishes inspecting the Serpent Stone.

Working as a team, the young mice each took a wall of shelves and started scouring each shelf for the book. Both Bundt and Darow notice something weird during their searches of the left-side wall. They thought they saw one of the books shift and move. They could also hear a mumbling growl for a brief moment which would then stop once they neared the source. Noticing a pattern, the two mice try and capture whatever it is that they seem to be chasing. They successfully corner it at the end of the shelf and inadvertently find the codex book. With quick reflexes, Bundt grabs it and finds himself face-to-face with a one-eyed, leathery creature poking its flat head out from inside the book’s pages. Its mumbled growls get louder, and its yellowish eye glared at him with a burning hatred. Scared for his life, Bundt decides not to open the book and runs it straight to Tellus who grabs the book from the mouse’s shaky paws.

Morwyn chuckles at Bundt’s antics but also tells him that he has nothing to fear. Then, Uncle Tellus introduces the tiny creature in the book as Fitzgigigit, his companion and guardian. At the same time, it impishly winks its eye at Bundt. The old-fur mouse lightly pets the leathery creature on its flat head and unrolls the Mystic Scroll to show it to it. Fitzgigigit takes one brief sniff and quickly disappears from the codex book. Another growling mumble from the right side wall indicates where the odd thing ended up. Morwyn runs over and grabs a book that the creature is in now from the lowest shelf; it’s an old dusty tome that he then brings over to the group. Tellus the Wise takes the old tome in his wrinkled paws and tells them that it is the Tome of Legends, which contains tales that have been gathered over time from many sources within the Mouse Territories. He opens it to where Fitzgigigit resides and begins reading the Crown of Silver, Crown of Gold legend to the other mice.

Journey to Darkwater and Locate The Forgotten Tomb in Ghastly Garden Grove:

Conflict: Thorny Snapdragon and Ghost King Avidar



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