Crown of Silver, Crown of Gold

Two crowns

From Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Volume 1

Crown of Silver, Crown of Gold

Original story and artwork by Mark Smylie


This is the story about the Kings of Rosestone and Cedarloch, two long forgotten cities, and the tragic end to their thirty season feud. King Avidar was the cruel and cunning monarch of Rosestone and wore the Silver Crown. He waged a distant war for thirty seasons with King Laird of Cedarloch, bearer of the Gold Crown.

King Avidar used Captain Garrow War-Wise to lead his mouse army against Cedarloch. Garrow was a brave and honorable mouse, and he was respected and loved by many including his betrothed, Lady Moira. King Avidar spied on the couple in the marketplace one day and became insanely jealous of Garrow. He wished that the fair Moira would be his Queen. So infatuated with the fair maiden mouse, Avidar followed her to the riverbank once she was alone one day and asked if she loved him. Moira saw the madness within him and decided to choose her words wisely; she declared that she does love him as her king, but she stated that she is betrothed to another.

Filled with jealousy and rage, King Avidar plotted against Garrow in order to claim the hand of Lady Moira. His cunning scheme was to send his captain to Cedarloch under the guise of a truce with a message to King Laird to end the war. Garrow took this task in hopes that the war would finally come to an end, especially since he despised it since the beginning. Moira warned Garrow before he left of the king’s madness and to be on his guard.

Garrow arrived in Cedarloch and delivered the message to King Laird. However he did not suspect King Avidar’s betrayal—the message told Cedarloch’s king to slay Garrow, then Avidar would end the war. King Laird ordered his guards to kill War-Wise and then to deliver the helm back to Rosestone as proof.

Garrow’s helm was taken back to King Avidar, and Avidar attempted to console Moira’s broken heart by offering to provide for her should she become his bride. Moira declined the king’s offer despite the consequence of invoking the king’s ire. At the same time, the defeated Garrow War-Wise entered the king’s court on his last breath; he carried with him the evidence of his deceit and also the Gold Crown of Cedarloch. Taken by greed, King Avidar laughed with madness as he finally held the coveted crown in his selfish paws, but he paid no heed to the scroll of paper that was still held by the now deceased Garrow. Moira went to Garrow’s side and read the bloody message. Steadfast, she put on her beloved’s helm, picked up the corrupt king’s scepter, and whacked him behind the head thus ending the madness of kings.

In honor of her beloved Garrow, Moira became the first Guard mouse of Rosestone and Cedarloch and would make many more stories throughout her time. As for the crowns of silver and gold, they were forgotten and lost to time. No mouse ever knew exactly where they ended up, until now…

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Crown of Silver, Crown of Gold

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