Darkheather Vale

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Darkheather Vale is the location of Darkwood Tower within the weasel territories.

Darkheather is an abandoned maze of interlocking tunnels and is hidden under a thick layer of snow and soil. It stands as a horrible monument of cruelty and greed for the mice of the Territories. Weasel tile that lines the walls of the tunnels is known for a repetitive pattern of stylized heather clustered in groups of three or six. There is a room for the bones of the weasels’ victims. Their belief is to allow the spirits of the fallen to rise through the ceiling and out into the wild, so they will not remained trapped and haunt their oppressors. “Rise to thy stars above.”

Most mice actually know little about this weasel domain. The underground tunnels that make up the Darkheather were originally thought to be concentrated in the west and only extend underneath some of the most western cities. However, the network of tunnels spans more than halfway across the Territories. Most of the tunnels were not created by the weasels themselves. Many were abandoned homes, passages and underground chambers made by other animals, but were eventually taken by the weasels. They created connecting tunnels between existing tunnels as they seized them, adding them to the Darkheather. The weasels adorned the tunnels themselves with stone carvings and tile work, and draped them with the skins of their slain prey. They also altered doorways to be lower than weasel height. This way, the weasel entering the room or passage had to bow to enter. This showed respect and vulnerability to the weasels already in the room or passage.

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Darkheather Vale

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