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Ironwood rests amidst red soil, rich in iron. Next to Copperwood, it’s the Territories’ other major metal mining town. Ironwood is a working-class city, many tools and parts are produced here before being shipped abroad. The majority of the population is a lower-class of miners that toil endlessly in the depths below the earth to produce the metal that is used all over the territories. There are some farms kept outside the perimeter of Ironwood, but they do not produce anywhere near enough to support the local population.

Ironwood is built inside the base of a giant ironwood tree. Around its perimeter there is a fortified wall consisted of overgrown roots and smelted iron bands to keep predators and weasel raiders out. There are always city guards on watch at the northern gate because Ironwood’s residents aren’t too trusting of guardmice.

Small city

Ironwood and Blackrock, the sister cities, each have a governor elected every ten years. These governors make decisions together, as the two cities cannot remain functional without the aid of the other.

Ironwood controls the iron mines, which are nourished deep beneath the ironwood tree, but Blackrock is home to the metallurgists responsible for the production of the steel alloy used by all of the territories.

Ironwood relies on Blackrock for the rare elements and science needed to refine ore into steel alloy. Ironwood relies on Ivydale and the surrounding lands for grain and luxuries such as textiles and furniture.

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