Home of the Mouse Guard, Lockhaven is carved deep into stone. Only the ivy-covered face of Lockhaven is visible from the outside. The city serves as a base of operations for the Guard and is not open to public. While there are mouse citizens that live there, they are invited guests of the Guard. The Guard extends invitations to skilled and trustworthy mice and their families. A full-time armorer is kept on hand at Lockhaven to maintain an armory for the Guard.

Staple foods are stored in abundance, while prepared foods are made as needed, as it is unknown how many or few will be fed on any given day. Lockhaven is known for gabcroon: a dense bread filled with seeds, fruits and nuts. It travels well and stays warm long after baking.

Woven and sewn fabrics are important to the mice of Lockhaven. The Guard are known for their cloaks, which need to be both warm and durable, as they are a Guard’s primary piece of clothing.
Lockhaven is also home to a hive of bees. The mice harvest the honey for food and the wax for goods and medicinal purposes. To do this, the apiarist uses smoke to charm the bees. The bees also serve as a natural deterrent to predators.

In the past, Lockhaven has acted as a sanctuary. It’s one of the most fortified and central locations in the Territories. While home to about 70 guardmice, these protectors are rarely found in the city itself. They are busy with missions and patrols throughout most of the year.

Lockhaven is built of stone blocks and wood, but mainly carved deep into a large stone outcropping. Lockhaven has a very large cistern that collects water from a fresh spring deep under the larder.


The Matriarch keeps a secret document with the name of her successor written on it. The document is only to be opened in the event of her death. The Matriarch operates as strategist, ambassador and administrator. She has several captains and administrators beneath her, including a scribe, a castellan, and a quartermaster.

Major Trades
Textiles, weapons and armor, prepared foods, honey and wax. Harvesters, masons, and carpenters live at Lockhaven as guests of the Guard to keep it running and self-sufficient.

Lockhaven is sustained by donations. Many cities give grain as thanks to the guardmice at harvest time.

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