The Two Crowns, Silver and Gold

Year 1160: Spring 2

First Few Weeks...

Apprentice in The Guard

Bundt’s first day as an apprentice is spent learning the lifestyle and duties of The Guard. He has been specifically selected to enhance his knowledge and skills as a Baker/Cook under the tutelage of Julia, who is the Master Chef at Saint Louren Guard Post.

Two weeks later, he was accustomed to life in the Dining Facility and had also received several commendations on his cooking and baking skills. Although Bundt was content with staying at the Dining Facility, he would find out later that his leaders had more planned for such a skilled mouse. During a review, the leaders found that his grandfather, Capo, was a renown Scout. Bundt was then transferred to Scout Squad Five to see if he had inherited his grandfather’s skills in scouting.

Patrol Leader Dina welcomed her new recruit that next day and explained his duties. She took him to the training area and introduced him to Landon and Darow, the other members of Scout Squad Five. Excited to meet new mice and make friends, Bundt comes off as too eager and over friendly towards Landon, but he impressed Darow quickly. Landon sees him as unskilled and does not believe that he should be in their squad.

Later on that same day, Moka came to visit Landon, but Bundt thought she was there to see him. The young male mice have an argument over her. Landon wins and takes her out on a date. That night, Bundt has a dream in which he challenges Landon to a fencing duel and then wins. The next day, Bundt talks with Dina and learns that Landon’s parents are dead, which may be the reason why he acts the way he does. Bundt continues his training within Scout Squad Five until the Field Training Exercise.



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