The Two Crowns, Silver and Gold

Year 1160: Summer 2

Tales, Trails, and Traps Part 1

Rest and Restock at Darkwater

With no further obstacles, Scout Squad Five return safely to Darkwater. Once there, they reclaim their riding hare mounts and restock their depleted supplies. The next morning, they set out on their journey back to Lockhaven.

Mission: Return the Silver Crown to Lockhaven

Scout Squad Five on their riding hares keep a swift pace on their way back to Lockhaven. Halfway through their journey, they are surprised and stop abruptly when they find an armored mouse lying in a pool of his own blood in the middle of the crossroad path, however. Bundt and Landon immediately jump down from their mounts to help the wounded mouse. He is barely able to breath beneath the heavy armor, so they try to quickly remove it. While helping to remove the armor, Landon recognizes many stab wounds from a sword. He can tell that the hits were struck between the armor’s weak spots and informs the group that only an agile, skilled swordsman could have landed these blows.

In between fits of coughing, the mouse says that his name is Marcus the Ironhide. He explains he was sent out to find and defeat the tiger-striped salamander that has been terrorizing Ironwood just south of the crossroad. By this point, the whole team is trying to help seal his wounds and stop the flow of blood. With his last words, Marcus the Ironhide begs the guard mice to uphold their promise to protect and destroy the menacing salamander. Trying to stay strong and not cry, Bundt holds they dying mouse close as Marcus the Ironhide takes his final breath.



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